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HD School Scholarship and Bursary| Seeking students with the desire and potential to succeed!


The HD Scholarship and Bursary programs have recently received a great deal of media interest. These programs seek to identify high performing students that have the potential to succeed in our academic programs or the wider curriculum and that will be ambassadors for HD Ningbo School’s ethos.


What kind of students do these two programs aim to involve?


HD Ningbo School is seeking to attract outstanding students with the capability to succeed in our vibrant school community. 


We recognize and encourage student success in all endeavors and seek applicants that may be successful academically or display excellence in extracurricular activities. Students may display an overall outstanding academic record, excellence in a particularly subject area or an outstanding contribution to the extracurricular life of the school.


Recognizing that our student body is made up of many unique characters, we seek community leaders that will be models to their peers. The successful applicants will display the potential to achieve outstanding places at the world’s top universities (UK top 5 or US top 20) and will have the following capabilities:

1. Outstanding English language capability
2. Impressive personal quality and a desire to engage with the school community
3. Outstanding academic achievement.


HD Ningbo School wishes to attract students who have excellent capabilities irrespective of their ability to pay fees and seeks to support them through scholarship or bursaries. We seek to help these students seize the opportunity to enjoy an international learning environment and to be good models for other students, promoting HD Ningbo School’s vision and mission.


How do the scholarship program and the Bursary program work?


Scholarships and financial aid are divided into three levels. Scholarship and bursary holders will be awarded with official certificates and will be awarded a deduction or exemption of tuition to fees.

scholarship program and the bursary program


Scholarship and bursaries are reviewed on an annual basis and students will be expected to maintain an outstanding record.


Who is eligible for the scholarship program and the bursary program?


The applicants should be enrolled in Grade Nine or above and meet the following requirements:


  1. 1. Outstanding English language capability;
  2. 2. Impressive personal quality and a desire to engage with the school community;
  3. 3. Outstanding academic achievement.


Minimum English Proficiency Requirement


Grade 9

TOEFL: overall band score of 70/reading section score of 22/writing section score of 22

SAT: reading section score of 530

STAR: reading section score of 4.5


Grade 10


TOEFL: overall band score of 75/reading section score of 25/writing section score of 25

SAT: reading section score of 550

STAR: reading section score of 5.0


Personal quality


Personal quality will be assessed in the following aspect:


1.  Behavior record in the school;

2.  Reference letter from the teacher;

3.  Personal statement;

4.  Interview;

5.  Parent interview


Academic Performance:


The score of every course is above 85% in the past two school years (for ninth grade students) or the last three school years (for tenth grade students). The applicant can have no more than one B among all the grades.


Required documentation:


Proof of English ability TOEFL, STAR or SAT

Personal Quality certificate (Records of school behavior, teacher’s reference letter and personal statement)



In addition, student who apply for the bursary program need to provide family income statement and family assets statement, which must include including salary, tax, companies operating income statement, a family income statement, bank slip, property right certification, and a family assets statement.


What is the application procedure of the Scholarship program and the Bursary program?


HD Scholarship can be applied twice a year, before February (autumn enrolment) and before December (spring enrollment).  The applicants should fill in an application form and submit this, with supporting documents. Following a short-listing process successful candidates will be invited for further interviews.