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The HD Ningbo School curriculum is delivered in a broad, balanced, coherent and consistent programme of learning with clear and smooth progression routes designed for the needs of all learners. HD Ningbo School combines the elements of international education with the Ningbo Curriculum to form a blended school syllabus. Thus the Ningbo curricula for Chinese, Mathematics and Music are taught alongside the international curriculum for English, Science, PE, Art and ICT.
HD Ningbo School believes 5 year-old children are ready for learning and so Prep is an integral part of the Primary school and gives students a foundation so they can be successful in moving seamlessly to Year One. It gives them a “head-start” in learning English as their additional language as the earlier students start to learn their additional language, the better. Play is still an important part of the Prep day.  Play teaches students social skills such as sharing, taking turns, self-discipline and tolerance of others. Our children’s lives are enhanced by playing creatively and by playing children learn and develop as individuals; it assists in their emotional and intellectual development and mental health resilience which are core building blocks for their transition years.  Prep is about the individual child. Its starting point is the learner and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that the child brings to their experiences.
Primary School – Grades 1 – 6

The primary programme at HD Ningbo School is based on the Ningbo Curriculum and blended with the elements of international education and its resources and teaching approaches. Students graduate with the Ningbo Certificate of Primary Education.
Learning Approach
Through activity-based teaching, small group work, a varied curriculum and an environment of encouragement, we teach our students initiative, self-reliance, flexibility, creativity, and leadership. Our students are engaged actively in the learning process, helping them to develop the natural inquisitiveness towards their studies that will make them life-long learners.
Language of Instruction and Subjects
Throughout the school day, students are exposed to a balance of Chinese and English as languages of instruction. This means that children develop competency in two languages, whilst enjoying the best of Chinese and international teaching.
Primary Programme