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 Pre-Prep and Prep
All the students in Pre-Prep (4-5 years old) and the Prep (5-6 year olds) are encouraged to develop their own individual learning skills in stimulating, colourful and child-friendly surroundings. The emphasis is on high academic standards, though an extensive and varied programme blending an Montessori approach with the elements of international education encouraging students to fulfil their potential wherever their talents lie.  HD School’s motto: Education Creates Character is embodied in peaceful, orderly, calm atmosphere of the Pre-Prep and prep classrooms.
In the morning both Prep and Pre-Prep classes will take part in an Montessori programme where physical skills, thinking, concentration, expression, social skills and creativity are stimulated through a supportive and thoughtfully prepared learning environment.  This begins as soon as they arrive at school with an emphasis on developing independence in putting away their school bags and preparing, eating and looking after the environment.
The first half of the afternoon follows with a nap-time for Pre-prep and purposeful developmental programme focused on learning English covering speaking, listening, phonics, reading and writing.  In the second part of the afternoon Pre-Prep have their own English developmental programme and Prep engage in a range of extension activities.
After this busy day of learning Prep and Pre-Prep students go home at 4pm.
Time Pre-Prep Prep
8:30 am Arrival/Medicinal Check Arrival/Medicinal Check
8:30 am – 11:30 am Morning Work Period, Snack, Group Time Morning Work Period, Snack, Group Time
11:30 am – 12 noon Lunch in the classroom Lunch in the classroom
12 noon – 13:00 pm Outdoor Play Outdoor Play
13:00 pm – 15:00 pm Naps & Snack Developmental English programme
15:00 pm – 16:00 pm Developmental English programme Extension programme