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Admissions Policy and Procedure 打印

HD Ningbo School seeks to offer educational opportunities to all eligible students who identify with the school’s core values, and to maintain a co-educational school with a student population representing a range of abilities. We accept applications with different national, economic and cultural backgrounds. We provide students with a comprehensive and balanced bilingual learning experience.

The admission requirement varies depending on year levels. In general, applicants need to fill an application form and then attend student/parent interviews upon appointment. An extra entry exam is necessary for year 7 and above applicants.

Entry level

This school year runs from 1st September until the end of June. Specific dates can be found in the school calendar published on the school website. Children or students are initially placed in a grade according to age, but English language proficiency, previous schooling experience, test results and discussions with parents enable the school to determine the most appropriate Grade.

Admission Plan for Academic Year 2016-2017:


CASA 2.5-5
Prep 5
Year 1 6
Year 2 7
Year 3 8
Year 4 9
Year 7 12
Year 8 13
Year 9 14
Prospective Students
Both Chinese students and international students are welcome to apply for HD School. Diversity of cultural backgrounds are essential to help both faculty and students with the awareness of internationalization. In HD Ningbo School, students with diverse cultural backgrounds study and grow up together. The rich cultural environment helps not only Chinese students to broaden visions and expand horizon, but also international students to better understand and enjoy Chinese language and culture.
Note on ages

In some cultures children are considered to be 1 on the day of their birth ie, at the beginning of their first year. In others they are not regarded as 1 until the end of their first year. Consequently in some cultures children might be regarded as being a year older than they would be in another culture.

In this guide to your child’s initial year level placement, it has been assumed that children turn 1 at the end of their 1st year, 2 at the end of their 2nd year, 3 at the end of their 3rd year etc.


Age on or before 1 September

Admission Criteria
1、Family Philosophy
2、Attitude (Positive attitude and interest in learning)
3、Language proficiency
4、Mathematic skills
5、Skills (Thinking skills/Problem solving skills)
HD Ningbo School encourages students with excellent academic performance, with talents in art or other area to apply for a place of study by the establishment of a scholarship scheme. The HD scholarship scheme provides financial support students at a different level based on a certain criteria. For more information please click to fill a scholarship application form.
We understand that parents are grateful to the time and effort school puts into the admission procedure. However staff members need to concentrate on the work they do, so they are not allowed to accept presents, gift card or any monetary gifts from parents, their friends, relatives or any other related people in order to assure the whole admission procedure is transparent and fair to all.