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HD Boarding Programme, creating a home away from home

In 2017, HD Ningbo introduced Seven Day boarding for all new students, it is a great opportunity that allows students to participate in the comprehensive extended day programme on offer without the tedium or wasted time of a daily commute.  Year 6 students can also participate in a Flexi Boarding Programme where they can elect the number of days they spend each week in boarding.


The aims of the HD Ningbo boarding community are:

· to provide the best possible living environment for all boarding students.

· to ensure each boarding student has a balanced involvement in the academic, sporting and cultural life of the school.

· to provide opportunities for responsible leadership, self-discipline and self-motivation.

· to assist students to respect and tolerate others and to experience the best of community living.

· to provide a positive and supportive environment for academic study.

· to assist students in developing independence and organisational skills.

· to provide opportunities for participation in sport and the wider co-curricular program.

Learning may take place through many different experiences in and out of the classroom and boarding provides a new set of boundaries for learning opportunities. 


The experienced staff at HD Ningbo create an ideal learning environment to support the students’ academic needs through supervised study sessions six times a week (Prep), support programmes for standardised tests. 


Evening Prep occurs from 6.30pm until 9pm Monday to Thursday evenings plus additional times over the weekend. For this to be effective, it requires all students to co-operate and contribute to the good order of the Boarding School. The establishment of good study habits and skills will not magically occur; it requires personal effort and a positive attitude. The Boarding Staff and Supervising Teachers will support students, however all must work to establish their own routine and maintain it.

After Prep for Years 6-8 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays involves them breaking into smaller groups and participating in planned activities which range from quiet reading in the library to sport sessions in the dome or on the pitch. This allows the students to socialise and have fun. Wednesday night is either House Cup or Family Night. House cup is usually run by one of the PE teachers with the support of the boarding staff. It is always an exciting time seeing the students compete for their Houses or cheering each other on.


On weekends, students who stay are engaged in a variety of different activities. And they also get time to complete their weekend homework and do some study.


In January, all seven days boarding students who are here on the weekend will take part in Tennis lessons when a qualified coach provides instruction on a Saturday morning. Each weekend the students also have an offsite activity. In the last semester the students have gone to Laser Tag, Ten Pin Bowling, Archery, Escaped from a Puzzle Room, seen a movie at the cinema and made ceramic pots. 


After the break the students will do even more including going to baking lessons, sailing lesson, kayaking at Cultural Plaza and many more. Plus, at night the boarding team offers lots of craft activities as well. They have made bead ornaments, made mobiles and baked cookies. Weekends are a lot of fun in boarding.


Students who stay in Boarding at HD Ningbo can expect to learn the key skills of organisation, communication, negotiation and respect with others and experience the benefits that go along with having increased levels of independence. We know that learning also takes place through making choices, weighing personal responsibilities and their resulting actions or decisions, so we do what we can to make sure students are assisted when faced with unfamiliar situations. All students receive individual care and interest and the evenings & meal times are used to positively support students at a pastoral level via informal discussions and support.

In Boarding at HD Ningbo, we try to recreate the atmosphere of a home away from home for the students. A Boarder should enjoy the friendships, the security and the care of his/her second home. While we want everyone to form good relationships with as many people as possible, each member of the Boarding team will get to know a small group of students in more depth through the ‘Family Group’ evenings.

This is a way for us to provide further pastoral support for the students, and make them feel like they belong to something special rather than just being a small fish in a big pond. It will provide time for them to relax, practice their English, work on their social skills and hopefully develop new relationships with other students in their group. 

The aim is for the students to have fun, and look forward to the time they spend with their family.


At HD Ningbo School, we continue to develop a tradition of developing strong and often enduring relationships with not only our boarders but with their families and friends. Such a culture comes from treating boarders as individuals, dealing with issues as if they involved members of one’s own family and an ability to consider matters in perspective. It is very important that we establish a relationship with the family. Students are encouraged to become responsible members of the boarding community, showing consideration for others and doing all in their power to help the House run harmoniously.

Education should enrich the lives of students and give them the opportunity to be challenged but still be successful and boarding is an extension of this. We will look to maximise each student’s potential, looking at both the academic and creative talents they have to offer and focus on the whole child. 


We plan to provide a positive learning environment for all our children and as we encourage their understanding and belief in the school motto – Education Creates Character. The education we offer to every student is a broad one including the academic, cultural, sporting and recreational areas of a student’s life.  Every student is expected to take full part in each of these areas. The Boarding environment ensures students build strong relationships with each other and learn respect, cooperation and collaborative skills within an ‘extended family’. They will walk away from their time at HD Ningbo with lifelong learning skills and ready to take on the world.

Boarding at HD Ningbo is an enjoyable, challenging and character-forming experience in which all individuals are encouraged to develop their talents to the mutual benefit of the community. The school greatly looks forward to working with all boarding pupils and parents to ensure that the experience of being a boarder at HD Ningbo is both rewarding and fulfilling.