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Newsletter Secondary【ISSUE 71】23-6-2017

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
As the end of the school year approaches, students continue to be involved in academic activities, with the seniors about to take part in their annual trip and the whole Secondary school engaged with the Model UN week. Yet, there is also an air of expectation as we draw closer to the summer vacation and the many possibilities that it holds.
In schools all over the world, summer vacation marks a time of endings and new beginnings as students graduate from various school stages and move to new learning environments. Such partings can be a difficult experience for students, so as we enter the last week of school, I would like to share a process (PATH) that was shared with me by a trusted mentor and that many students have found useful.
The term “PATH” is actually an acronym, Parting goodbyes, Amends, Thank you, Home. The PATH ceremony is designed as a tool to give students both leaving and staying to gain social and emotional closure as someone prepares to leave the community as in order to say good hellos in a new location, students need to say good goodbyes.
Following the PATH process, we recognize that there is a parting of ways and give it the time and respect it deserves, we take the opportunity to make amends and ‘mend’ any relationships that require this and then say are thank you and goodbyes before moving on.
If your child is moving on this year, or has friends that are, I encourage you to share this with them and wish everybody all the best for their new beginnings.
Kindest regards
Will Percy & Suisui Yu
Co-Deputy Principals
Reminder of Important Days: 
26th June-Y9-11 Spring Excursion
27th June Evening-ECA Music Performance
29th June Evening-House Night
30th June- Last Day Of Semester 2, School Will Be Off At 12:30
27th August Afternoon-New Secondary Students Registration And Existing Students Return To School
28th August-First Day Of New Academic Year 2017/18