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Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 20】12-01-2018

date:2018-01-15Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 20】12-01-2018

We discussed a range of issues to do with teaching and learning, pastoral and extra-curricular matters and day to day living. I greatly appreciate the honest yet supportive fashion in which parents expressed their views on these points...


date:2018-01-15NEWSLETTER PRIMARY 【ISSUE147】12-01-2018

The first semester is rapidly drawing to a close. Next week is End-of-Semester assessment week after which teachers will be writing formal reports. This is a busy time for teachers so please be understanding.

Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 19】05-01-2018

date:2018-01-08Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 19】05-01-2018

Our Chief Academic Director shares his New Year Message to all members of the HDNB School Community and wish you all Happy 2018!


date:2018-01-08NEWSLETTER PRIMARY 【ISSUE146】05-01-2018

With Great achievement we have made in last year and we still have long way to go in the New Year.

Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 17】22-12-2017

date:2017-12-28Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 17】22-12-2017

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Student Self-governance Committee of HD Ningbo School for the school year of 2017 to 2018 was held on 20 December, Wednesday at the School Auditorium.

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