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Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 8】20-10-2017

date:2017-11-05Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 8】20-10-2017

To leave a legacy for the future of the School once our own children have left.

Newsletter Primary【ISSUE 138】03-11-2017

date:2017-11-05Newsletter Primary【ISSUE 138】03-11-2017

Another weekend is upon us and a time to pause and reflect on the number of activities HDNS students are involved in on weekends.

Newsletter Primary【ISSUE 137】27-10-2017

date:2017-11-05Newsletter Primary【ISSUE 137】27-10-2017

It was great to see so many parents coming to see classes in action this week.

Newsletter Primary【ISSUE 136】20-10-2017

date:2017-11-05Newsletter Primary【ISSUE 136】20-10-2017

On Tuesday our very active Primary Parent Teachers Association (PTA) had their first meeting of the new school year.

Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 5】01-10-2017

date:2017-10-09Newsletter Secondary【WEEK 5】01-10-2017

Mr. Holroyd talks about E Safety while our new policies on students use of electronic devices and Internet being implemented.

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