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International Week Review

International week began right after the finale of Chinese culture week. Students got to know more about traditional cultures while exploring the variaty of internaitonal cultures. Themes culture weeks in HD Ningbo School provides more oppotunities for students to explore cultures outside classroom.


HD Primary School


International Week is a time when classes spend some time focusing on a particular country. They study the culture, games, dances, songs, food etc. of the country. Teachers have chosen countries they have an affinity with and can get resources.


On Thursday 31st in Lessons 6 and 7students had the opportunity to “travel” to the countries and get their International Week Passports stamped.


As well as studying a country students continued with their regular English classes and had some Chinese and mathematics done.

The colorful paper Mexican hats

Paper dolls


Listen to the stories


The snowman singing: "Here comes the sun, dudududu."


Canada: clay figurines of ice-hocky.


New Zealand flags


Playing pinata together


Pre School made Pavlovas


Baking Pavlovas


Children made Italian style pizza


HD Secondary School


Last week there were a few different activities in what was called International Week.


Monday: Western dance/party games with prizes

Tuesday: Games in hall & field based on Students’ choices

Wednesday: Irish social dance - the heel toe polka


Thursday: House party dance & games competition.


Garry introduced the heel toe polka to the students




Students dancing together


It was a valuable week of learning and helping achieve our goals of developing globalised Chinese students.