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Extra Curriculum Activities 打印

The Arrangement of HD Ningbo After School Activities

After school activities has various forms and themes, which are offered in HD Schools. We provide challenging, creative and diverse programmes include arts, sciences, media and technology. By participating in these activities, students can further develop their ability of  4C : creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

These courses will be arranged in after-classes. Detailed information is shown below.

Homework club Stage play Calligraphy English reading club Fun math
Children illustration and cartoons Enlightenment of Chinese culture Creative handcraft Wudang style boxing Piano  
English writing club EAL The book of songs Cooking Children's vocal music
Lego Chinese go Chess Chinese chess Hip-hop Soft pen calligraphy
Creative art Ballet Golf Football Science
Chinese Character storie Fun Mud Fun colours Student Voice Media Drama 
Fencing DIY  Ambassador Team Sport Japanese Culture
Ball Games Chinese chess English tutoring Science Film World Street Art
Tae kwon do