HD Schools are private bilingual schools with courses from pre-school to primary school. HD Schools provide the comprehensive and international education solution for Chinese families who seek a truly international education with. Boarding is optional for secondary students. Blending the best of international education philosophy with Chinese curriculum, HD Schools provide students with a comprehensive and balanced learning experience.

Upcoming Events

「RMAC」Ningbo's First Cross-
「RMAC」Ningbo's First Cross-
HD Ningbo School and Athena Ningbo, together with international education, culture, art and maker brands in Ningbo, invite you and your children participate in Ningbo's first cross-border carnival of international education and innovative culture. ...

HD Headlines

Football Tournament

This past weekend, HD Ningbo School hosted a truly extraordinary, international event - its 1st Annual "Friends, Football, and Fun Tournament".

Activities for Prospective Fami

Secondary School Opening Morning, Pre & Primary School Assessment, Secondary School Info Session

International Week Review

International week began right after the finale of Chinese culture week. Students got to know more about traditional cultures while exploring the variaty of internaitonal cultures.

HD Ningbo School Opening Day

Haishu Campus Primary School Open Morning